Fishing at Rietvlei Dam

First off on Saturday the 22nd September, Ethan left for Cape Town for a nice long 2 week holiday in Cape Town. He had to miss 3.5 days of school because flights weren’t available on the days we needed, but at least it was a good excuse to go spend more time with his dad and family in Cape Town. By the sounds of it he is having a lot of fun and will return next Sunday, 7 October. Monday is back to school with lots of hard work as it will be year end final examinations. O_o

He spent the week days living with my mom and Estelle and the weekends with his dad. He had a visit to the dentist who said his teeth are strong and looking good, but in 6 months time we need to go see the orthodontist and he is getting braces. He is also going for an eye test and will most likely need some specs too. Other than that his holiday is filled with playing, outings, sweets, gifts and fun. I hope he brings some photos home so that I can post them.

Then on the Wednesday after Ethan left (26 September), Graeme’s folks and gran arrived from Cape Town. They stayed with Muriel’s sister, Susan, but we spent a lot of time with them and had great fun and catch up time. Joel and Keri also had an opportunity to get spoit and do fun things this holiday. They got so many toys and money from their grandparents and great grandmother. We had a huge family braai where all of Graeme’s family (except his 2 brothers and 2 cousins) were present – even his aunt and family from USA. We were also treated last night to supper at Spur where the kids had a ball and we pigged out on double bacon, cheese and guacomole burgers followed by some chocolate mousse!

Then the highlight of this week was a mid-week break at Rietvlei dam. Graeme has taken up fishing (against my will :)) and he wanted to go test out his new rod at the dam. We stayed in a beautfiul chalet that catered for 6 people. Muriel, Alan, Graeme, Myself and the 2 kids all stayed together. The men did some fishing for 2 days (I tried it once) and Muriel and I relaxed as much as we could. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it, they had so much to do and had so much fun.

Don’t get me wrong… I am not for killing fish, but the policy around most of Gauteng is “catch and release” so I can live with that. I’ve come to terms with the fact that men want to fish – it’s a man thing – so I have accepted it. I did pray the entire weekend that nobody would catch anything and nobody did! hehe

Graeme and I want to buy a boat and dock it at St. Lucia which is only about 2-3 hours from us. Then whenever we want a holiday we either go to St. Lucia to live on our boat for a few days (with the dogs :)) or we sail to Cape Town with the entire family. Of course we’ll need licenses and stuff, but it’s an affordable and nice way to travel to Cape Town often plus we get to take our animals with us and we have our own accommodation while in Cape Town. :)

Tonight we are joining all the family again for a braai at Susan’s place. Sunday we fetch Ethan from the airport and Monday morning we take Graeme’s folks back to the airport again too. We haven’t driven as much as the last 2 weeks as we have since we moved here! It was worth it though!

And I think that’s all for now…


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